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I was reviewing my 91 yr old father's phone bills & noticed that he was being charged almost $9.00 a month for Excel long distance service. Then I realized that any long distance calls he had made were actually being billed by a different company.

My father & I called the 800 # on the Excel portion of the bill to cancel, but were told that to cancel service we had to call a different # the following day.

I checked their web site & it stated that in order to cancel, you should call the very 800 # I had called. I called back & this time I was told that yes we could cancel service thru this number, but that my father had to do it (he was not present at this time).

The following day, we called the other # & at that time were told that my late mother had signed up for the acct & she was the only one that could cancel it (even though, the night before, the service rep called my father by name & stated only he could cancel the acct).

I told them that my mother had died 9 years ago, that the bill was coming to my father's address, in his name only & that for nine years, he had been paying for the service with checks signed only by him. They still insisted that only my mother could cancel & that my father would have to send them a certified copy of her death certificate! I was appalled.

According to their own TOS, the fact that my father, paid for the service (& we could prove it) constitutes a form of a contract; in which case he should, legally, be able to cancel it. My father faxed them a death certificate with a letter requesting cancellation & yet, they still have not confirmed cancelling his account.

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